A cinematic video of a four song recording session with a full band will be filmed in September. I would like to pay the film crew and the musicians accordingly. The studio owner generously provides us with the recording of the music for free.
I would really like to honor the work of the four humans who are willing to create this with me, not just personally but also financially. The same goes for a film crew that I haven't even met yet. I can't affort this by myself and would be grateful, if you would contribute to the creation of a fine audio-visual product, showcasing the performance and recording of 4 of my new songs. Of course you will not only get the movie as download but you will also be mentioned as a donor in the credits. The target goal of this crowdfunding would be 1500€. Every donor gets a free ALBUM download link to my latest Album IAMLOVE  per Email! 

I am deeply grateful for any help here. Let's make this happen! 

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