I am

a musician, a traveler, a singer and a songwriter. I am also the drummer of NENA (99 Luftballons).
I have worked on the big stages alongside renowned musicians, who played for the likes of David Bowie and Guns N' Roses.
There is something very anonymous about playing the big stages. It can feel surreal but there is no eye to eye connection when playing in front of a sea of people.

I have played thousands of concerts, many of them also in bars, living rooms, at beaches and on the street.

I can appreciate the luxuries within the island of stardom. I love the random encounters and the edges of the real world though. Where loneliness often lurks in a freeway parking lot at night, when I'm trying to fall asleep in the back of my van. Then I have to remind myself, that my home is everywhere.

I'm inspired when I'm alone, far away from home. My muses are the sunset on an empty beach, the rustling of the sea at night, the wind kissing the trees, the full moon that accompanies me on a lonely night drive and the beautiful people in my life, who I carry in my heart where ever I go.

There is a beautiful connection between loneliness and freedom. The romantic honesty of an authentic, intimate encounter with beauty and the peace that goes along with accepting, that there is no one to share the experience with.

These moments write my songs.

So the van keeps on rolling. We will meet somewhere along the way.